Introducing WebAuthn support for secure Dropbox sign in

Posted on May 9, 2018

Introducing WebAuthn support for secure Dropbox sign in

Introducing WebAuthn This cryptographic proof makes U2F security keys a very strong form of two-step verification, but adoption of U2F has been limited by browser and hardware support. We hope WebAuthn will change that.

It’s a new way to interact with security keys and other “authenticators” that standardizes and builds on key parts of U2F, the result of a collaboration between the W3C and FIDO Alliance. While for years only Chrome supported U2F, browser vendors have committed to bringing WebAuthn to Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. More and more devices will have WebAuthn support built in, bringing stronger security to the many users who don’t own special security keys.

These could include your laptop or phone, which might prompt you for your fingerprint or a PIN code as part of the authentication process. But this only matters if services actually let you use WebAuthn to securely sign in. Today, Dropbox is proud to help lead the way.