ZeppelinOS, a platform for smart contract applications in Ethereum

Posted on May 28, 2018

ZeppelinOS, a platform for smart contract applications in Ethereum

Today we’re excited to announce the first mainnet release of ZeppelinOS, a platform for developing, managing, and operating smart contract applications in Ethereum. You can start using it right now at zeppelinos.org. Until now, it was difficult and costly to fix problems in smart contracts.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were put at risk because of easy-to-fix vulnerabilities, but fixing them was too costly or even impossible. With ZeppelinOS, that will no longer be a problem. Developers can now build smart contracts that can be easily upgraded over time.

In addition, ZeppelinOS provides a library of standard and secure smart contract code that’s already deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and that developers can easily connect to their applications. This library is open-source and maintained by a community of 100+ contributing developers all around the world. We want ZeppelinOS to be extremely easy to use—that’s why we were its first users, with two sample smart contract apps we enjoyed building: Basil and Crafty.

Basil allows users to change the color of the light illuminating our pet basil plant located in Zeppelin’s headquarters. Crafty is a blockchain-based crafting game that allows anyone to create new tokens by combining existing ones. We hope that taking a look at these two apps will help show how easy it is to either build or integrate upgradeability into your smart contract application.

Source: zeppelinos.org