British Airways hack is worse than originally thought

Posted on Oct 26, 2018

British Airways hack is worse than originally thought

A deeper investigation has revealed that hackers were stealing information for much longer than initially thought, and an additional 185,000 British Airways customer payment cards were compromised. Last month, British Airways announced that the customer data and details of some 380,000 card payments had been stolen from its network by hackers between August 21 and September 5 2018. Now, in an update posted on its website, British Airways says it has discovered that more of its customers have been affected – with potentially impacted individuals being those who made reward bookings between April 21 and July 28, 2018, and who used a payment card.

British Airways initially said 380,000 payment card details were accessed by hackers in late August/early September. They now say they are able to reduce that figure to 244,000.

That’s obviously an improvement. However, the airline’s investigation has also uncovered that hackers were stealing information earlier in the year, with details of an additional 77,000+108,000 payment cards. In total, I make that 429,000 payment card details that may have been stolen – and an additional 185,000 customers who need to be notified.