In one video uploaded to Vimeo, Gleg shows an exploit being used against a hospital health information management system (HHIMS). A list of MedPack updates includes a zero-day to replace files in a piece of software from a company called MediTEX. MediTEX makes scheduling software as well as a platform for documenting therapy and quality… Read More

Without further ado, I present the first home(garage)made lithographically-fabricated integrated circuit – the “Z1” PMOS dual differential amplifier chip. I say “lithographically-fabricated” becauseJeri Ellsworth made the first transistors and logic gates (meticulously hand wired with conductive epoxy) andshowedthe world that this is possible. Inspired by her work, I have demonstratedICsmade by a scalable, industry-standard, photolithographic… Read More

While the F-35 retains some radar evading capabilities, its radar cross section is over ten times greater than that of the F-22 making it far less survivable — leading some analysts to term it a “pseudo stealthy”fighter. The F-35 has less than half the range of the larger F-22 and lacks the Raptor’s advanced long… Read More

But when we say “memory leak”, what do we actually mean? In my experience, apparent memory leaks divide into three broad categories, each with somewhat different behavior, and requiring distinct tools and approaches to debug. This post aims to describe these classes, and provide tools and techniques for figuring out both which class you’re dealing… Read More

Law’s crew has dubbed the device the Radio Frequency Vehicle Stopper. They’re working on two versions. A small one, vaguely resembling an old-time phonograph, can fit in the bed of a truck. With a range of 50 meters, it is intended for hot pursuits. To deploy it, the driver would pull out in front of… Read More

The Zebrocy family consists of three components. In the order of deployment these are a Delphi downloader, an AutoIt downloader and a Delphi backdoor. Figure 1 shows the relationship between these components. In this article we describe this family and how it can coexist with the older Seduploader reconnaissance tools. We will talk about some… Read More