In its letter, the ACLU argues that Amazon, which has in the past opposed secret government surveillance, should not be in the business of selling AFR technology that the company claims can “identify people in real-time by instantaneously searching databases containing tens of millions of faces.” Further, the ACLU insists, Rekognition’s capability to track “persons… Read More

Using sonic and ultrasonic soundwaves as a weapon, researchers can disrupt the read, write and storage functions of a hard disk drive (HDD). The method can also be used to crash the host operating system, and in some cases damage targeted drives. Researchers said the attack can be performed by “nearby emitters” that target a… Read More

The Git community has disclosed an industry-wide security vulnerability in Git that can lead to arbitrary code execution when a user operates in a malicious repository. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE 2018-11235 by Mitre, the organization that assigns unique numbers to track security vulnerabilities in software. Git 2.17.1 and Git for Windows 2.17.1 (2)… Read More

According to reporting of trusted third parties, HIDDEN COBRA actors have likely been using both Joanap and Brambul malware since at least 2009 to target multiple victims globally and in the United States—including the media, aerospace, financial, and critical infrastructure sectors. According to reporting of trusted third parties, HIDDEN COBRA actors have likely been using… Read More

Asus announced the H370 Mining Master motherboard, which is specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. It supports up to 20 graphics cards along with streamlined connectivity by allowing USB riser cables to plug directly into the PCB over PCIe. Asus announced the H370 Mining Master motherboard today, which is specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. It supports… Read More

Security researchers have discovered a series of new vulnerabilities in EOS blockchain platform, one of which could allow remote hackers to take complete control over the node servers running the critical blockchain-based applications. EOS is an open source smart contract platform, known as ‘Blockchain 3.0,’ that allows developers to build decentralized applications over blockchain infrastructure,… Read More

A new law is set to come into effect from May 28th, 2018 inKenyaregarding the publishing and broadcasting of any videos for public consumption. Specifically, theKenya Film and Classification Board(KFCB) states that, according to the law, anyone in Kenya broadcasting any videos for public viewing (including on social media and the Internet) will be required… Read More

Two Canadian banks warned Monday they have been targeted by hackers, and that the personal information of tens of thousands of customers may have been stolen — something that appeared to be confirmed in a letter to the media from someone who said they were demanding a $1-million ransom from the banks. CIBC-ownedSimplii Financial was… Read More

Cryptocurrency trading app Taylorsuffered a catastrophic hack on May 22 that resulted in the loss of over 2,500 ETH, valued at $1.5 million. In addition, the trading platform lost 7% of the total TAY token supply, potentially crippling the development of the trading software. According to the official statement, the only tokens that remain in… Read More