Google is planning to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users only, according to 9to5Google. This is despite a backlash to an announcement by Googlein January proposing changes that will stop current ad blockers from working efficiently. And the software giant is not backing down: It says the only people that can use ad blockersfollowing the change will be Google’s enterprise users. The proposal – dubbed Manifest V3 – will see a major transformation to Chrome extensions that includes a revamp of the permissions system. It will mean modern ad blockers such as uBlock Origin – which uses Chrome’s webRequest API to block ads before they’re downloaded – won’t work. This is because Manifest V3 sees Google halt the webRequest API’s ability to block a particular request before it’s loaded. People aren’t impressed. Many have complained about the move, which effectively takes control away from the user and createsan incentive to use other services instead.

Source: forbes

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