A new national campaign wants to stop facial recognition from invading U.S. college campuses. Over the years, facial recognition technology has appeared in a growing number of places, including weed dispensaries, retails stores, and even churches. Now, the activist group Fight for the Future has joined Students for Sensible Drug Policy to launch a national… Read More

The security risks inherent in Chinese-made 5G networking equipment are easy to understand. Because the companies that make the equipment are subservient to the Chinese government, they could be forced to include backdoors in the hardware or software to give Beijing remote access. Eavesdropping is also a risk, although efforts to listen in would almost… Read More

In a SIM swapping attack, social engineering is used to convince a wireless services provider to hand over control of the victim’s phone number by modifying the SIM card attached to the phone and mobile account. After hijacking a phone number, attackers can bypass two-factor authentication (2FA), intercept calls and messages or impersonate the victim.… Read More

As reported this morning, a US delegation consisting of deputy national security advisor Matt Pottinger, junior foreign minister Chris Ford, special envoy Robert Blair and three others flew into London yesterday to hand unspecified ‘intelligence’ to British officials. The delegation refused to clarify publicly what was so compelling about this intelligence that it would convince… Read More