Greenidge Generation, a natural gas power plant near the town of Dresden in the Finger Lakes region, announced it had successfully installed a mining farm in its facility. Comprised of nearly 7,000 mining rigs and powered by electricity generated on-site, the facility can mine an average of 5.5 bitcoins (BTC) every day, roughly $50,000, according… Read More

Internal documents, published byThe Intercept over the weekend, show that the social network instructed moderators to not promote videos from users who had ‘ugly facial looks’ such as scars, too many wrinkles and fangs to the app’s ‘For You’ page. Getting a video highlighted on that page could help a user attract more views and… Read More

Concerns over cybersecurity risk and possible spying by China have already brought about bans from DHS, DoD, TSA, and the State Department. On Thursday, two US senators introduced a bill that would ban all federal employees from using the Chinese singing/dancing/jokey platform on government phones. The bill comes from Senators Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Rick… Read More

If you’re working from home and using Zoom, you probably want to read this. During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans will be forced to work, play, and learn from home for the foreseeable future. Such a massive shift will lean not only on shaky and expensive U.S. broadband networks, but popular teleconferencing programs that… Read More

What a nightmare: your phone goes dead, and you can’t log into your bank account because it’s controlled by a hacker who’s draining you dry. After months-long, cross-border investigations, Europol announced on Friday that it’s arrested more than two dozen people suspected of draining bank accounts by hijacking victims’ phone numbers via SIM-swap fraud. Following… Read More

WordPress and Apache Struts account for 55% of all weaponized vulnerabilities Comprehensive study looks at the most attacked web technologies of the last decade. A study that analyzed all the vulnerability disclosures between 2010 and 2019 found that around 55% of all the security bugs that have been weaponized and exploited in the wild were… Read More