The Senate Intelligence Committee wants the Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Defense to create a comprehensive, unclassified report concerning unidentified aerial phenomena upon the passing of a Senate appropriations bill initiated by Senator Marco Rubio, Motherboard has learned. A recent Senate Intelligence Committee report on the bill, which concerns funding the government’s intelligence activities, recommended its passing. It also asked for a “detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data and intelligence reporting collected or held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, including data and intelligence reporting held by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.” This report is to be submitted to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees 180 days after the funding bill’s enactment, and should be unclassified, although it may have a classified annex. Notably, the committee report acknowledges the existence of an ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force’ in the U.S. intelligence apparatus. Previously, the existence of such a task force was only alluded to in a statement from DoD spokesperson Susan Gough that was obtained by UFO writer Roger Glassel and reported by the Black Vault, the largest civilian archive of declassified government documents, in May.

Source: vice