Updated Switzerland-based IT consultant Tillie Kottmann on Thursday published a trove of confidential Intel technical material, code, and documents related to various processors and chipsets. A spokesperson for Intel told us the information was likely taken from its Resource and Design Center, which is a private library of resources for computer manufacturers and the like to build systems using Intel’s silicon. Access to this center is not open to the public as its content is intended to be used, for instance, to craft firmware and design motherboards compatible with Chipzilla’s microprocessors. The first tranche of documents, distributed via a Mega file sharing link in a Telegram post and probably mirrored elsewhere by now, weighs in at about 20GB. The data dump contains confidential Intel files subject to an NDA – a non-disclosure agreement – meaning they are not meant to be shared in public. The repository, we’re told, includes things like:

Source: theregister