Forescout estimates that ‘software in modern cars exceeds 100 million lines of code’ — 15 times greater than in avionics software. That means that hackers have numerous points of entry, whether it’s through mobile apps, cell phone networks, internet access, the vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, or even the onboard diagnostics port. A 2019… Read More

After 13 months of research, the team discovered 14 vulnerabilities which could place connected cars at risk of compromise. The tests were conducted with BMW’s backing and in laboratory conditions. Impacted vehicles are included in the automaker’s i Series, X1 sDrive, 5 Series, and 7 Series. In total, as documented in Keen Security Lab’s technical… Read More

Car hacking has become a major focus in the security community in recent years, as more vehicles are hooked up to the cellular internet. But while convenient to control your car from your phone, it’s also opened up new points for attack — which could have real-world consequences. You might not even realize you’re a… Read More