Seventeen malicious Docker containers earned cryptomining criminals $90,000 in 30 days in what could be a harbinger of things to come. The figure may seem tame compared to some of the larger paydays that cryptojackers have earned. But, researchers at Kromtech Security Center warn containers are shaping up to be the next ripe target for… Read More

Asus announced the H370 Mining Master motherboard, which is specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. It supports up to 20 graphics cards along with streamlined connectivity by allowing USB riser cables to plug directly into the PCB over PCIe. Asus announced the H370 Mining Master motherboard today, which is specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. It supports… Read More

For hobbyists trying to strike it rich with cryptocurrency mining, but who don’t have access to gigantic warehouses where they can park the hardware, making money means packing a bunch of very loud and very hot computers into your house or apartment. Some at-home cryptocurrency miners are harnessing the heat that powerful mining equipment—called ASICs—give… Read More

FileTouris an adware bundle that is commonly spread as cracks or cheats for games and other software. This bundle is notorious for crossing the line between what is traditionally known as adware and PUPs and more dangerous computer infections such as password-stealing Trojans and miners. This adware bundle has started to create a Windows autorun… Read More

The extensions were being pushed in links sent over Facebook that led people to a fake YouTube page that asked for an extension to be installed. Once installed, the extensions executed JavaScript that made the computers part of a botnet. The botnet stole Facebook and Instagram credentials and collected details from a victim’s Facebook account.… Read More

Security researcher Charles Dardaman explains on his blog, how he was able to use Microsoft’s own documentation of how to use JavaScript functions in the Insider Preview edition of Excel to link a spreadsheet to the Coinhive cryptomining service. Right now, JavaScript in Excel custom functions is only supported in the Developer Preview edition to… Read More

On Monday, Bitcoin ABC said in a security advisory that a critical vulnerability has been found in Bitcoin ABC version 0.17.0 which has the potential to cause an unintended split in the Bitcoin Cash network. In order to exploit the vulnerability, an attacker would need to construct a malicious transaction which could be accepted into… Read More

A mass hacking campaign that targets a critical vulnerability in the Drupal content management system has converted more than 400 government, corporate, and university websites into cryptocurrency mining platforms that surreptitiously drain visitors’ computers of electricity and computing resources, a security researcher said Monday. Sites that were hacked included those belonging to computer maker Lenovo,… Read More

Once the malware has been installed, it sets about mining for Monero and hooking up with a crypto-wallet and mining pool; it also connects with its C2 server for updates, and configures itself to infect other machines on the network. Meanwhile, a short VisualBasic script is used to deploy the malware to compromised Apache Struts… Read More