This is not about archival nodes. This is about about staying in sync, after the fact. My Argument: Ethereum’s runaway data directory size is just the tip.My Prediction: It will all work, until it doesn’t.My Suggestion: Transpose. My Argument: Ethereum’s runaway data directory size is just the tip. My Prediction: It will all work, until… Read More

In November 2017, a pseudonymous actor exploited a vulnerability in Parity’s multi-signature Ethereum wallet library that rendered half a million ether inaccessible to their owners. Ironically, the culprit, Devops199, was trying to patch another vulnerability that allowed hackers to steal $32 million from Parity’s multi-signature wallet accounts back in July of 2017. While tinkering with… Read More

Ethereum developers have long known that scaling the network is a subject worth discussion and investment. The matter did not quite spill out from the developer community, however, until late 2017, when a decentralized application (dApp) named CryptoKitties attracted so much traffic it began slowing down the network. On top of network latency, the price… Read More

The attackers don’t seem to have compromised MyEtherWallet itself. Instead, they attacked the infrastructure of the internet, intercepting DNS requests formyetherwallet.comto make the Russian server seem like the rightful owner of the address. Most of the affected users were employing Google’s DNS service. However, because Google’s service isrecursive, the bad listing was likely obtained… Read More

Ethereum contracts are immutable but there is a way to design contracts which can be upgraded, so you can fix bugs quickly and add features. We’ll see how to create upgradable contracts. Source: zohaib… Read More

Development for CryptoPets started just four days after CryptoKitties’ launch on November 28, and is basically a cross between Pokémon and CrytoKitties. Owners’ pets can battle each other, and those who put in time and effort to “train” their pets will increase their value in the “adoption center,” Mitchell Opatowsky, project manager at CryptoPets, explained… Read More