A malicious miner successfully executed a double spend attack on the Bitcoin Gold network last week, making BTG at least the third altcoin to succumb to a network attack during that timespan. Bitcoin Gold director of communications Edward Iskra first warned users about the attack on May 18, explaining that a malicious miner was using… Read More

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are keen on telling ordinary civilians how safe and secure the Blockchain protocols powering their favorite coins are. Indeed, major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have maintained their security quite well—better, arguably, than any other digital asset/payment system in history—which is pretty remarkable, considering that they are unbacked digital money free from any… Read More

But the Internet of Hackable Things leaves no connected device behind: Even in famously cyclist-friendly Copenhagen, the city’s electric bikeshare program recently experienced a huge, pain-in-the-ass technical difficulty. Bycyklen, the company that maintains the bicycles, announced on Sunday that its system—and all of the electric bikes within it—was hacked. The company had to send staff… Read More

Gaining access to Alexa turned out to be surprisingly easy. Checkmarx attached their malicious code to a seemingly innocuous app. The company used a simple calculator app for demonstration purposes. Getting Alexa to continue recording after the benign script in the app was executed proved more difficult. Checkmarx had two problems to solve. Alexa needed… Read More

Amazon lost control of a small number of its cloud services IP addresses for two hours on Tuesday morning when hackers exploited a known Internet-protocol weakness that let them to redirect traffic to rogue destinations. By subverting Amazon’s domain-resolution service, the attackers masqueraded as cryptocurrency website MyEtherWallet.com and stole about $150,000 in digital coins from… Read More

The statement said the attack, which hit internet service providers and cut off web access for subscribers, was made possible by a vulnerability in routers from Cisco which had earlier issued a warning and provided a patch that some firms had failed to install over the Iranian new year holiday. Source: reuters… Read More