Earlier this year, Bleeping Computer reported how invite links to private groups of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram were visible on Google, letting anyone join the groups. This week, security researcher Athul Jayaram highlighted an issue with WhatsApp’s “wa.me” domain “leaking” contact phone numbers on Google. As stated by Jayaram and confirmed by BleepingComputer,… Read More

Temperature-scanning $7,000 helmets can catch people running a fever. But experts are skeptical about how helpful temperature scanning will really be. Chinese police, health staff, and transport workers have been using smart helmets to monitor people for high temperatures in the fight against COVID-19. The helmets are made by Chinese firm KC Wearable and use… Read More

Another amendment blocking the FBI surveillance failed by just one vote Wednesday, bringing McConnell’s proposal one step closer to becoming law. The Senate is expected to vote Wednesday to renew the 2001 Patriot Act, and Mitch McConnell is pushing an amendment to the law that would expand the FBI’s surveillance powers. An amendment proposed by… Read More

Cookies today are doing all kinds of bad things, but did you know that the original creators wanted to stop that? I had a discussion the other day about GDPR, ePrivacy and all those problems for publishers, and I pointed out that the way we think about this is wrong. We were never supposed to… Read More

New Firefox service will generate unique email aliases to enter in online forms Firefox Private Relay add-on to help users safeguard their email addresses from spammers. Browser maker Mozilla is working on a new service called Private Relay that generates unique aliases to hide a user’s email address from advertisers and spam operators when filling… Read More

For those who would like to opt out of Facebook tracking, the Facebook Container extension for the Firefox browser will block those embedded widgets on non-Facebook pages. And in doing so, Firefox helps you protect your browsing history and data from Facebook. Source: mozilla… Read More