Russia’s advanced arms are based onthecutting-edge, unique achievements ofour scientists, designers, andengineers. One ofthem is asmall-scale, heavy-duty nuclear energy unit that can be installed inamissile like our latest X-101 air-launched missile ortheAmerican Tomahawk missile—asimilar type but with arange dozens oftimes longer, dozens—basically anunlimited range. It is alow-flying stealth missile carrying anuclear warhead, with almost anunlimited… Read More

Yesterday’s bizarrely ominous presentation by Russian Vladimir Putin, where he showcased six super weapons that will supposedly give Russia an asymmetric edge over its potential foes—namely the United States—is still reverberating throughout the national security community. After we posted our master recap of the event and the weapons concepts featured in it, we and our… Read More

In his State of the Nation speech today, Russian president Vladimir Putin showed computer animations and videos demonstrating three new classes of strategic weapons under development that are specifically intended to defeat the United States’ ballistic missile defenses. Among them were two weapons powered by miniaturized nuclear reactors: a drone submarine ‘torpedo’ previously revealed in… Read More