Ethereum contracts are immutable but there is a way to design contracts which can be upgraded, so you can fix bugs quickly and add features. We’ll see how to create upgradable contracts. Source: zohaib… Read More

Development for CryptoPets started just four days after CryptoKitties’ launch on November 28, and is basically a cross between Pokémon and CrytoKitties. Owners’ pets can battle each other, and those who put in time and effort to “train” their pets will increase their value in the “adoption center,” Mitchell Opatowsky, project manager at CryptoPets, explained… Read More

Hardly a week passes without large scale hacks in the crypto world. It’s not just centralised exchanges that are targets of attackers. Successful hacks such as the DAO, Parity1 and Parity2 have shown that vulnerabilities in smart contracts can lead to losing digital assets worth millions of dollars. Attackers are driven by making profits and… Read More