We’re used to thinking of computer processors as orderly machines that proceed from one simple instruction to the next with complete regularity. But the truth is, that for decades now, they’ve been doing their tasks out of order and just guessing at what should come next. They’re very good at it, of course. So good… Read More

Both Google and Microsoft researchers discovered the bug independently. The bugs work similarly to the Meltdown and Spectre bugs, a reason why they were classified as ‘variant 3a’ and ‘variant 4’ instead of separate vulnerabilities altogether. Variant 3a is a variation of the Meltdown flaw, while Variant 4 is a new Spectre-like attack. The most… Read More

Both attacks rely on using high-speed timing measurements to detect sensitive information, so somewhat counterintuitively, the patches had to decrease the speed of seemingly mundane computations. The first change was to slow down the performance API for web browsers, which had previously been able to analyze the behavior of a page at speeds fast enough… Read More

When the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities were revealed in millions of processors earlier this year, those deep-seated vulnerabilities rattled practically the entire computer industry. Now a group of Israeli researchers is outlining a new set of chip-focused vulnerabilities that, if confirmed, would represent another collection of flaws at the core of computer hardware, this time… Read More

The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in modern CPUs from Intel/AMD/ARM revealed surprising attack vectors in computing. Everything from low level Operating System Kernel components to JavaScript running in Billions of browsers could be exploited by using Spectre variants 1 and 2. Source: react-etc… Read More

A new variation of the Spectre attack has been revealed this week by six scientists from the Ohio State University. Named SgxSpectre, researchers say this attack can extract information from Intel SGX enclaves. Intel Software Guard eXtensions (SGX) is a feature of modern Intel processors that allow an application to create so-called enclaves. This enclave… Read More

In this demo, we will dump user data without reading it. If you translate the code into Javascript, you could dump IE browser data. Source: github… Read More