Grey Heron was formed from other players in the government hacking space, including Hacking Team, a source familiar with the company said. In private conversations within the surveillance industry that were later detailed to Motherboard, Grey Heron has suggested it sees distancing itself from Hacking Team and its history as a benefit. Source: vice… Read More

Researchers athuman rights research groupCitizen Lab have discovered that netizens in Turkey, Egypt and Syria who attempted to download legitimate Windows applications from official vendor websites (i.e. Avast Antivirus, CCleaner, Opera, and 7-Zip) have been infected with a nation-state malware. Source: securityaffairs… Read More

Retina-X has had it with the hacking. On Monday, it threw in the towel on all of the aforementioned tools. The company put an announcement at the top of its site saying that while no personal data was accessed during the year of attacks, some “photographic material” of TeenShield and PhoneSheriff customers had been exposed.… Read More