Microsoft has patched a vulnerability in the Cortana smart assistant that could have allowed an attacker with access to a locked computer to use the smart assistant and access data on the device, execute malicious code, or even change the PC’s password to access the device in its entirety. The issue was discovered by Cedric… Read More

If you open the booby-trapped document, which is denoted by Qihoo as containing some unspecified sort of shellcode, Internet Explorer is apparently activated in the background, ultimately leading to an executable program being downloaded and executed without any visible warning. Source: sophos… Read More

Tal Be’ery and Amichai Shulman found that the always-listening Cortana agent responds to some voice commands even when computers are asleep and locked, allowing someone with physical access to plug a USB with a network adapter into the computer, then verbally instruct Cortana to launch the computer’s browser and go to a web address that… Read More