There have been lots of reasons to be concerned about how easily someone with the right tools and knowledge could do very bad things with cellular communications networks. And while none of them have necessarily been to the level of some of the fictional stunts pulled off on television (see Mr. Robot), new research shows… Read More

The stolen Uber data included the names and driver’s license information of around 600,000 drivers—including at least 13,500 from Pennsylvania—as well as data belonging to 25 million users in the US. It impacted over 57 million people in total. ‘Uber violated Pennsylvania law by failing to put our residents on timely notice of this massive… Read More

When someone commits a crime, it’s safe to assume that person wants to get rid of the evidence; they may wear gloves, or conceal their identity. But criminals get caught, often on the most incidental oversights—some as small and seemingly innocent as a knot in a string. Source: atlasobscura… Read More

On December 19, Coinbase made a surprise announcement that it had started to trade a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash. Coinbase has more customers than the mainstream finance company Charles Schwab, so its decision on whether to support a cryptocurrency has a big impact on that cryptocurrency’s value. Indeed, within minutes of Coinbase’s announcement, the price… Read More

Phone numbers are not reliable. Phone numbers can be hijacked. Phone numbers change. Phone numbers stop working when you are traveling and not roaming. Phone numbers don’t work when you are using in-flight Wi-Fi. Phone numbers can stop receiving text messages/calls for a million of other reasons, effectively either (1) locking users out of an… Read More