In Iceland, bitcoin mining will soon use more energy than its residents. Eleven people have been arrested in Iceland as a result of what local media are calling the “Big Bitcoin Heist”—600 mining computers were recently stolen from Icelandic data centers in four separate burglaries between December 2017 and January 2018. Source: arstechnica… Read More

Attackers have seized on a relatively new method for executing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks of unprecedented disruptive power, using it to launch record-breaking DDoS assaults over the past week. Now evidence suggests this novel attack method is fueling digital shakedowns in which victims are asked to pay a ransom to call off crippling cyberattacks. Source:… Read More

Big tech platforms — Amazon, Facebook, Google — control a large and growing share of our commerce and communications, and the scope and degree of their dominance poses real hazards. A bipartisan consensus has formed around this idea. Senator Elizabeth Warren has charged tech giants with using their heft to “snuff out competition,” and even… Read More

The proof of concept for this exploit can be found on the Chromium bug page. This bug was reported by lokihardt from Google Project Zer0. The bug can be found in Element::setAttributeNodeNS(). Let’s take a look at a code snippet: Source: github… Read More