This new backdoor for cross-border data mirrors another backdoor under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, an invasive NSA surveillance authority for foreign intelligence gathering. That law, recently reauthorized and expanded by Congress for another six years, gives U.S. intelligence agencies, including the NSA, FBI, and CIA, the ability to search, read, and share… Read More

Martisevs’ service was designed to keep new malware out of the hands of anti-virus makers. It didn’t report the detection of malicious files, thereby keeping anti-virus makers in the dark about new threats. The service had quite the palate: malware submitted to it included, among other types, crypters meant to hide malware from anti-virus programs,… Read More

The EU is considering a copyright proposal that would require code-sharing platforms to monitor all content that users upload for potential copyright infringement (see the EU Commission’s proposed Article 13 of the Copyright Directive). The proposal is aimed at music and videos on streaming platforms, based on a theory of a “value gap” between the… Read More

It’s hardly a secret that enterprises based in large emerging markets are clamoring to invest directly in U.S. companies—as well as in companies based in other advanced countries with hospitable economic environments—particularly through the acquisition of existing businesses. Foreign direct investment (FDI)—the ownership or control by a foreign entity of 10 percent or more of… Read More

Late last summer, I ‘Googled’ my regular diner to confirm its closing time, and was shocked to find that the site had marked it Permanently Closed. I quickly called the restaurant and learned, thankfully, that it hadn’t shut down; however, its Google presence had been hijacked. And despite the owners’ best efforts Source: forbes… Read More