The name of the hosting provider is MaxiDed, a service that has operated since late 2008, but which became increasingly more aggressive with its marketing in the last two years when its ads became a common occurrence on cybercrime forums. According to an archived version of the site, the company offered dedicated servers, VPS, VPN, and server colocation services, claiming to host nearly 2,500 servers across 30 hosting providers in 82 countries. MaxiDed advertised itself as a bulletproof hosting provider, a term used to describe hosting companies that ignore reports of criminal activity or copyright infringement happening on their servers. Such services have been widely available in recent years, and authorities have rarely intervened, mainly because the hosting providers shield themselves from any responsibility behind bulky and wide-ranging terms of service. Across the years, MaxiDed established itself as a go-to solution for many cybercrime groups like Carbanak, many nation-state cyber-espionage operations, according, but also hosted command and control servers for Mirai DDoS botnets, the AdGholas malvertising campaign, and many credit card fraud operations, according to Trend Micro and SpoofIt reports.

Source: bleepingcomputer

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