For those who would like to opt out of Facebook tracking, the Facebook Container extension for the Firefox browser will block those embedded widgets on non-Facebook pages. And in doing so, Firefox helps you protect your browsing history and data from Facebook. Source: mozilla… Read More

Since 2011, Congress has provided Israel more than $1.5 billion to produce Iron Dome batteries, developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. In August 2011, Raytheon and Rafael — which partnered on David’s Sling, a US-Israeli cooperative missile defense development program — announced an agreement to allow Raytheon to market Iron Dome in the United States.… Read More

Last week, KrebsOnSecurity reported to health insurance provider Blue Shield of California that its Web site was flagged by multiple security products as serving malicious content. Blue Shield quickly removed the unauthorized code. An investigation determined it was injected by a browser extension installed on the computer of a Blue Shield employee who’d edited the… Read More

Joshua Schulte stands accused of stealing the highly valuable materials directly from the CIA’s innermost sanctum and slipping them to WikiLeaks to share with the rest of the planet. Federal prosecutors have spent the past four weeks explaining exactly why they believe that to be the case. And Uncle Sam’s lawyers have developed a compelling… Read More

Over the past few years, owners of cars with keyless start systems have learned to worry about so-called relay attacks, in which hackers exploit radio-enabled keys to steal vehicles without leaving a trace. Now it turns out that many millions of other cars that use chip-enabled mechanical keys are also vulnerable to high-tech theft. A… Read More

Earlier this week, the non-profit certificate authority, which issues HTTPS certs for free, announced a plan to disable some three million certificates tainted by a software bug. The programming blunder, in Let’s Encrypt’s automated certificate management software, affects users who create a certificate for a domain and then, some days later, create more related certificates… Read More

Let’s Encrypt to revoke 3 million certificates on March 4 due to software bug Let’s Encrypt issued 3,048,289 TLS certificates without checking the CAA field for the requesting domain. More specifically, the bug impacted Boulder, the server software the Let’s Encrypt project uses to verify users and their domains before issuing a TLS certificate. Source:… Read More

The intellectual property had an estimated value of $1 billion to the US company it belonged to. A Chinese scientist has been issued a prison sentence of two years for stealing next-generation battery technology from his US employer. The former associate scientist, Hongjin Tan, has also been ordered to pay $150,000 in restitution and will… Read More